The modelling industry is extremely unpredictable and notoriously difficult to get into. There are plenty of models who come and go every day. In this ever competitive industry only a very few can survive and are able to make a mark for themselves. It becomes all the more difficult for a non white model to compete in an international fashion circuit, especially when more than half of the models are white. Indian Models like Ujjwala Raut and Lakshmi Menon were the first ones to break all the ethnic stereotypes in a global fashion scene, setting a new benchmark.

It is wonderful to see how a new breed of Indian origin models are becoming the rising faces and have grabbed the right kind of attention with their great looks, poise, impressive work and electrifying presence. And, yes, to a certain extent these fresh faces are addressing the industry’s diversity issues too. Click the link ( to read how these five Indian models are busy breaking all the set fashion conventions.



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