It is good to see high fashion magazines celebrating and embracing diverse images of the female body, especially curves. In its May issue, Vogue India features Sonakshi, with a cover that screams “Love your curves”, thus sending a powerful message of accepting oneself, regardless of size. We all know, the girl loves her curves and flaunts and endorse it like no one else does. That definitely makes her a perfect ambassador for the cover story.

However, looking at the first two initial images of Sonakshi, released by the fashion glossy, i am not too convinced. I feel, instead of accentuating the curves of Ms. Sinha, the magazine is more focussed on hiding her curves - to make her look slim. The question is – has she slimmed down or is it the magic of photoshop? I don’t think the images truly communicate or justify the wonderful idea behind the cover story.  

For now i am just waiting to lay my hands on the print version of the magazine to see all the images.And, i hope i am proved wrong; as i would love see Sonakshi in her actual curvaceous self rather than in a photoshopped avatar.

(Image Credit:Vogue India)


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