Titled, ‘My World of Glass’, the collection was inspired by the intricate artwork of mosaic glass. The designer depicted the beauty of Moroccan mosaic art by bringing in nature to the collection. Images of trees, fish, owls, parrots, and peacocks were all a part of her mosaic story.

The rectangular, cylindrical and long silhouette story further elevated the essence of the collection by adding a poetic dimension to it. For women, the designer offered jackets, shifts, A Line dresses, pencil skirts with white shirt blouse, cape, Tee ,shorts paired with bustier and sheer peplum, and even sari , while for men it was jackets and Bermudas with large floral prints. The gold teal detailing on soft organza pieces, inspired by the gold work on the Moroccan mosaic tea glasses, gave an interesting lustrous feel to the collection.


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