And then there are runway shows that bring an instant smile to our face. Unlike many other shows, where the clothes look happy, but the models look sad, Wendell’s show was all about happy vibes, where the models were allowed to smile, laugh, dance and have real life fun on the runway. It was indeed refreshing to see Wendell’s gang of girls and boys, smiling, flirting and celebrating life, without any restrictions, all the more when we hardly ever see those beautiful faces smiling. They were not the walking mannequins, but real people just like you and me. After all, isn’t summer holidays are all about being relaxed, at ease and having fun? Or maybe it has got something to do with the quintessential charm of Goa, the place Wendell calls home.

Titled “Popology”, the youthful collection took inspiration from the pop art of the 60s. The models hit the runway in bold and bright 60’s inspired pop colours, A-Lines, easy breezy flowing pieces, colour blocked dresses, retro hairstyles and metallic shoes.

The show started with beachwear, and gradually went in for something more day time casual and evening formal, with a simple flirtatious vibe to it. For women, the designer offered Lycra bikinis and hot pants, beach shirts, tunics, dresses and capris, some with satin stripe details, while for men it was the linen jackets, waistcoats and trousers. The designer even took references from the 60’s Bellwood stars and created one of a kind piece called the Sari Blouse, a sari looking blouse. And those coloured stockings, reminiscent of the playful 60’s, added an extra dose of feel happy pop on the runway.

With a burst of vibrant and joyful colour palette, such as sunshine yellow, burnt orange, olive green, pale mint, dove grey, black, candy pink, pale lilac, Turkish blue, turquoise blue and white, Wendell’s offering was a celebration of good old nostalgic 60's emotion, but with a fashion forward twist. And, yes, happy people and smiling faces are always contagious J


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