Haute Couture gardening was at its best at the Chanel Spring Summer 2015 couture show yesterday. After last year’s controversial mock feminist rights protest, which angered many women for faux-demonstration of feminism on the runway, this year Karl Lagerfeld opted for more traditional and youthful floral. Out worldly dramatic and innovative, the runway sets of Chanel shows are always a highlight – thanks to the showmanship of Mr. Lagerfeld. This year too, he framed his collection with a beautiful set. The designer created an animated tropical garden under the magnificent glass roof of the Grand Palais, complete with orchid and bluebells and palm trees created out of water coloured papers that opened one by one exotically into blooms of pink, red and yellow.
The exotic beauty of nature was translated into the pieces in the form of embroidery, 3D appliqué and crystal flowers. In a colour story of yellow and orange, blue and pastels, the collection rich in organza and tulle echoed the youthfulness of spring. Bare midriff is the new cleavage. The signature Chanel tweed jacket was cropped to reveal the midriff – something that will appeal to the younger and modern couture buyers. The skirt lengths were varied, ranging from full to cropped above the ankle. Black leather sock boots, Edwardian hats and embellished floral beanie created the perfect spring garden feel.

(Image Credit:Style.com)


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