For the designer the collection was about adding a bit of positivity to a world that isn’t so nice anymore. The magical lightness of the collection had a very soothing and serene feeling of the world that we want to live in. Freshness was the underlying essence of the presentation. Be it the world that we desire for or for that matter the couture that one desire to wear. Old school Haute Couture craftsmanship merged with innovative techniques where 3D embroideries were dramatically exaggerated. Sequins, gold & silver powder, were mixed to resins and subtly merged with black, white and terracotta brown.

Volumes and transparency were the other stand out elements of this brilliant showcase. And, no, volume is not always heavy. There was a dreamy weightless in the collection. Lacquered lace and crinolines in transparent gauze embroidered with floral appliqués were splendidly breathtaking, while gazar capes, couture T-shirts and jumpsuits were contemporary yet classic.


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